Elect Jens Mueller to Cathedral City's City Council!

Times are very tough. We need leaders that can navigate the economic storm and bring our city through safely. The decisions won’t be easy or painless, but with careful planning and saving we’ll be ready to prosper when times get better.

Elect MuellerI propose to:

  • Make public safety a top priority. Before the current council fires one police officer, fireman or city worker, they should renounce their pensions and health benefits after leaving the council.
  • End the practice of pensions for newly-retired council members.
  • Institute a 401K retirement plan for all new hires.
  • Introduce no new taxes of any kind.
  • Make sure that the city lives within its budget.
  • Put new business applications on a "fast track," and lower the cost to open a business in Cathedral City. New businesses = increased tax revenues = NO TAX INCREASES.

My vision of our city is probably the same as yours: a clean, vibrant, well-managed city with a surplus in the bank, good restaurants, shopping, theatres, and hotels that add to the fabric of the city as well as its tax base.


  • Married 24 years
  • Lived in Cathedral City for 20 years, and raised our three children here
  • A licensed contractor since 1984, in Cathedral City since 1990
  • Apartment building owner
  • Muellers Shave Bar - available in two states
  • Owned a successful bar for over nine years
  • Immigrated to this great country in 1960 and became a citizen in 1985

Thank you for your consideration. It would be an honor to serve you. I would appreciate your vote on November 6.

E-mail me: jmueller@dc.rr.com